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Connecting Communities


JRO + CO (formerly J Robertson and Company) is a full-service strategic planning and public communications firm based in Olympia, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Our work with public, non-profit and private-sector clients focuses on building vibrant communities and shaping sustainable organizations. We design and deliver high-profile community and economic development programs, public engagement initiatives and complex feasibility studies. Our staff is best-known for orchestrating grass-roots community visioning projects that generate broad support and lead to years of successful implementation.


We understand no two places are the same, and customize all of our approaches and products to fit the unique circumstances and needs of the people and places we serve. We also maintain alliances with professionals in affiliated services, to ensure the right skills and expertise are available for even the most complex multi-disciplinary projects.


Successful plans – those that get implemented and bring transformative change – are built upon a foundation of informed decision-making, shared ownership and inspired leadership. We help our partners achieve success through innovative situational analysis, creative stakeholder engagement processes and tailored communications.








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