Community Visioning



Beaverton Community Vision

JRO has served as Advisor to Beaverton Community Vision since 2008. With guidance from a citizen-led Visioning Advisory Committee, the original visioning effort directly engaged more than 5,000 citizens over two years of creative outreach. Input was received in six languages, through community events and forums, surveys, idea boxes, website, video and other vehicles. Five action teams, built around the five Vision goal areas, were assembled to process and convert community suggestions into actionable proposals which were then prioritized through a public review process. The result: a highly-supported action plan for improving livability and sustainability, downtown, housing and neighborhoods, transportation and more.  Today, all City Departments budgets are required to address how upcoming work will contribute toward advancing community vision priorities.


Beaverton Community Vision was named Project of the Year by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), Cascades Chapter, and later received an Award of Excellence from the City-County Communications Managers' Association. JRO also served as the lead advisor for the  Beaverton Community Vision five-year update: "What's Next Beaverton?" Over 7,700 ideas were received through an extensive community outreach process. The updated vision was adopted in February 2016.




Hillsboro 2020 Vision and Action Plan / Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan

JRO has served as Hillsboro 2020 Vision Advisor since 1999. The first of JRO’s community visioning projects, Hillsboro 2020 was named Project of the Year by the International Association for Public Participation, received a League of Oregon Cities Good Governance award and has offered a laboratory for learning about and perfecting the tools and strategies that make visioning work. Hillsboro 2020 has pioneered effective ways to generate input and establish broad-based community ownership by engaging partner organizations, reporting progress and ensuring the action plan remains relevant through periodic updates. The “Year-Ten” Update utilized Facebook, video, e-surveys, fireside chats, e-polling and other tools to engage thousands of residents including a growing multi cultural population.


JRO now serves as advisor to the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan, adopted in August 2015.  The 2035 Community Plan represents Hillsboro’s next twenty-year road map.  Consistent with the original vision, the 2035 Plan was built on input from over 5,000 individuals using a variety of engagement approaches.  Facilitated teams, representing a range of community interests were formed to review and convert community ideas into action proposals which were then adopted by two dozen distinct community organizations.  Early outreach was informed by key stakeholder interviews and a data profile identifying current trends and opportunities.








Tualatin Tomorrow Vision Plan Update

JRO has served as Vision Advisor for Tualatin Tomorrow since 2013. The Vision, originally adopted in 2007, underwent an update in February 2014. Following seven months of community input and discussion, and a review of over 1,000 ideas, eight major goals were identified and 100 actions were included in the Action Plan. This process engaged the community through a variety of outreach efforts including events and forums, surveys, idea boxes, website, video, social media and an online community forum.


The Vision has served as a platform for various grant applications and has helped in securing funding for a variety of projects. In 2015, the Vision helped Tualatin qualify as one of 50 national quarter-finalists in the America’s Best Communities competition.  Tualatin was named a finalist in April 2016 winning $100,000 to implement part of the vision, and is now competing for up to $3 million in prize money. As part of that effort, the JRO team is currently developing a strategy to construct and operate a Mobile MakerSpace that will introduce economically-disadvantaged youth to STEAM (Science, Technology,Engineering, Arts and Math) learning and potential career opportunities with local advanced manufacturing companies.







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